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The wonderful thing about our Damascus steel is its always hand-forged. Artisan blacksmiths make these knives using traditional methods, good old hammer an anvil. Honouring skills passed down through millennia. This produces something intrinsically valued and beautiful that machined cut blades never have. 

Damascus steel in the modern sense is obtained by forging alternate types of steel together. Using various techniques of both layering and twisting the smith is able to produce an array of patterns, all crafted by hand. Each pattern is unique like a fingerprint. Original Damascus steel dates back to the Viking age, and blacksmithing to early civilisation. 

American bowie with a bit south American explorer style. The polished bone grip is stained green, and has the appearance of Jade. Giant anacondas watch out! 


  • Blade: 235mm
  • Handle: 140mm
  • Total: 375mm
  • Weight: 760g


  • Blade Material: 4340/1060AISI, Carbon Steel
  • Blade Construction: Forged/ Folded, Damascus Steel
  • Pattern: Fire
  • Tang: Full Hidden tang
  • Edge: Fully Sharpened
  • Handle Grip: Polished stained camel bone cylinder with walnut wooden fiber and brass sections
  • Bolster/Guard: Damascus steel
  • Pommel: Damascus steel
  • Sheath: Genuine Leather

  • This is a handmade product, individual specifications and patterns will vary.