Black Dragon Wakizashi

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The Wakizashi is a traditional short sword of Japan. A close quarters weapon of choice by the Samurai. Quicker and easier to maneuver one handed. Often accompanied with the katana. Worn in the belt (obi) edge up.

Our handmade Black Dragon wakizashi has a fully tempered, polished and sharpened carbon steel blade. It features a beautiful bo-hi (blood groove) on a time tested shinogi-zukuri blade profile. 

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Please Note: Our current model has white sting rayskin on the grip.


  • Razor sharp, handmade blade. Correctly tempered by artisan smiths.
  • Blade features a "Bo-Hi" commonly known as a "Blood Groove" with etched hamon.
  • Traditional Japanese style polish.
  • Ornate dragon handguard.
  • Brass handle fittings in ancient Japanese "Tomoe" wheel motif.
  • Wooden handle with genuine stingray skin, and black bindings. Featuring black alloy dragon ornaments.
  • Solid wood sheath in deep black high gloss lacquer.
  • Sleek, stealthy design.
  • Light duty katana suituble for bacakyard tameishigiri.
  • Can be Dissembled & Assembled.


  • Sheathed Length - 800mm
  • Drawn Length – 765mm
  • Blade with Habaki – 555mm
  • Handle with Guard – 220mm
  • Sori – 15mm
  • Drawn Weight – 0.84kg
  • POB - 85mm


  • Blade – 1045AISI
  • Construction – Mono Tempered
  • Hamon – Etched
  • Bohi – Both Sides
  • Tang – Full Double Pegged
  • Koshirae, Tsuba & Saya:
  • Tsuba – Alloy
  • Fuchi & Kashira - Cast Brass
  • Menuki - Alloy
  • Tsuka-ito - Synthetic
  • Sageo – Synthetic
  • Tuska – Timber with Rayskin
  • Saya – Timber Lacqured

  • Includes black cotton sword bag.

    Stands sold separately.

    As this is a handmade product, individual specifications may vary.

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