Classic Greek Spartan Helm

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Please note: Current model has the gold trim. Non-trim model is no longer stocked. 

The Greek Empire’s influence echoes throughout history. They were masters of mathematics and literature and their military was among the best of their time. Made even more famous by movies such as ”300”, the phalanx shield wall tactics devastated their foes.

Here we have a fine example of the classic Greek helm akin to the originals.

True works of art, with a battle worn, aged look finish.

These helms almost have a persona of their own, a gaze, when looked upon casts one’s mind to a time so long ago. Set with a stunning black horse hair plume. A great talking piece.

  • Full scale helm, wearable
  • 18 Gauge steel frame
  • Stands 440mm Tall
  • Weight 1.90kg

  • Stands sold separately.