Emperor Dragon Daisho Set

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  • Emperor Dragon Daisho Set
  • Emperor Dragon Daisho Set
  • Emperor Dragon Daisho Set
  • Emperor Dragon Daisho Set


This listing includes;

1x Emperor Dragon Katana
1x Emperor Dragon Wakizashi
1x Emperor Dragon Tanto
1x Triple Tier Stand

The Japanese term Daisho denotes a set of swords, e.g. Katana (Long Sword), Wakizashi (Short Sword), and the Tanto (knife).

This affordable display set makes a great gift. Faux edges, carbon steel blades. Wooden lacquered sheaths. Embellished with ornate dragon fittings.

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  • Weight Sheathed: 890g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 695g
  • Total Length Sheathed: mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 1030mm
  • Blade Length: 705mm
  • Hilt Length: 325mm


  • Weight Sheathed: 735g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 565g
  • Total Length Sheathed: 900mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 820mm
  • Blade Length: 490mm
  • Hilt Length: 325mm

  • - TANTO -

  • Weight Sheathed: 535g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 425g
  • Total Length Sheathed: 630mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 565mm
  • Blade Length: 295mm
  • Hilt Length: 270mm
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