Han Dao

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  • Han Dao
  • Han Dao
  • Han Dao
  • Han Dao
  • Han Dao


A beautiful early style Han Dao. “Han” was the royal surname, as well as the name given to this particular era of China’s history. “Dao” is a Chinese word for sword, and generally referring to swords of shorter length. The Han Dynasty ran from, 206 BCE – 220 CE. During this time there were many changes in smithing technology, as well as various metals being used, such as bronze, iron and carbon steel. The early Chinese smiths were pioneers, producing some of the world best edged arms in their day. This style of sword was made during the start, of what would be two thousand years of steel sword smithing history.

Our carbon steel Han Dao has a truly stunning blade. The edges distal tapers stretch up to meet two deep fuller grooves, which marry forming very fine central spine. Fantastic polish finished to an impeccable standard. Adorned with lavish brass fittings featuring eagle motif. Elaborate wax cord grip bindings. And accompanied by a dark stained, natural timber sheath. 

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  • Sheathed Length – 885mm
  • Drawn Length – 855mm
  • Blade Length – 600mm
  • Hilt Length – 255m
  • POB - 110
  • Sheathed Weight - 1.65kg
  • Drawn Weight – 1.03kg
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