Momochi Ninja-To - Clay Tempered

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  • Momochi Ninja-To - Clay Tempered
  • Momochi Ninja-To - Clay Tempered
  • Momochi Ninja-To - Clay Tempered
  • Momochi Ninja-To - Clay Tempered
  • Momochi Ninja-To - Clay Tempered
  • Momochi Ninja-To - Clay Tempered

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Clay tempering is an art, as well as a science. The traditional clay tempering techniques are perhaps the pinnacle of Japanese sword design and construction. Not only is the natural temper-line, the "hamon" a beautiful sight, open to artistic interpretation. It also serves a very functional purpose. The resulting clay tempering process produces a very hard edge, while the body of the blade remains somewhat softer. This means that the edge is more resistant to dulling and cuts better, while the body is able to flex on impact, allowing maximum force without breakage. Using a blend of modern and traditional Japanese techniques the blade is fully hand polished to a brilliant shine, as well as sharpened to an impeccable standard. A perfect sword for ‘tameshigiri’, the bamboo & straw mat cutting exercise. 

Here we have a straight bladed sword. This style often referred to as a "Ninja". Early on in Japanese Samurai history, they actually used straight bladed swords, before the trend of curved blades came about. 

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  • Handmade clay tempered blade, in high carbon steel.
  • Hand polished to a brilliant shine, weighty, full thickness blade.
  • Visible, natural wavey "hamon" temper line
  • Square hand guard handle fittings,in sleek minimalist design.
  • Timber sheath. Finished in deep black, high gloss lacquer. With Buffalo horn fittings.
  • Wooden handle with black stingray skin. Bound in soft cotton, complete with dragon (menuki) handle ornaments.
  • Heavy duty, tameshigiri sword
  • Can be Dissembled & Assembled


  • Sheathed Length - 960mm
  • Drawn Length - 910mm
  • Blade with Habaki – 640mm
  • Handle with Guard – 270mm
  • Drawn Weight - 1060g
  • POB - 100mm


  • Blade – 1095AISI
  • Construction – Clay Tempered
  • Hamon – Natural
  • Tang – Full Double Pegged
  • Koshirae, Tsuba & Saya:
  • Tsuba – Cast Alloy
  • Fuchi & Kashira - Cast Alloy
  • Menuki - Cast Alloy
  • Tsuka-ito - Cotton
  • Tuska – Timber with real Rayskin
  • Saya – Timber

  • Includes black cotton sword bag, and care instructions.

    Stands sold separately.

    As this is a handmade product, individual specifications may vary.

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