Musashi Katana

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Miyamoto Musashi, possibly the greatest swordsman to have ever lived. It is said that five hundred worthy samurai fell at the edge of his blade. He founded the Niten-ryu style of swordsmanship, famous for their duel sword style (Katana & Wakizashi). He wrote the famous book, 'Book of Five Rings', was also a poet, philosopher and an artist.

Our handmade Musashi Katana has a fully tempered, polished and sharpened carbon steel blade. It features a full thickness weighty blade in the time tested shinogi-zukuri blade profile. 

Third Generation model. 


  • Razor sharp, handmade blade. Correctly tempered by artisan smiths.
  • Blade features a "Bo-Hi" commonly known as a "Blood Groove" with etched hamon.
  • Traditional Japanese style polish.
  • Ornate dragon handguard, with golden accents.
  • Alloy handle fittings in Japanese dragon motif.
  • Wooden handle with genuine black stingray skin, and black bindings. Featuring dragon "menuki" ornaments.
  • Solid wood sheath in deep black high gloss lacquer.
  • Sleek, stealthy, all black design.
  • Light duty katana suituble for backyard tameishigiri.
  • Can be Dissembled & Assembled.


  • Sheathed length - 1050mm
  • Drawn length - 1020mm
  • Blade with Habaki – 730mm
  • Handle with Guard – 290mm
  • Sori – 20mm
  • Sheathed Weight - 1.290kg
  • Drawn weight - 1.085kg
  • POB - 150mm


  • Blade – 1045AISI
  • Construction – Mono Tempered
  • Hamon – Etched
  • Bohi – Both Sides
  • Tang – Full Double Pegged
  • Koshirae, Tsuba & Saya:
  • Tsuba – Alloy
  • Fuchi & Kashira – Alloy
  • Menuki - Alloy
  • Tsuka-ito - Synthetic
  • Sageo – Synthetic
  • Tuska – Timber with Rayskin
  • Saya – Timber Lacqured

  • Includes black cotton sword bag.

    Stands sold separately.

    As this is a handmade product, individual specifications may vary.