Ninja Daisho

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The 'Ninja Daisho' consists of three samurai swords. The Japanese term Daisho denotes a set of swords, e.g. Katana (Long Sword), Wakizashi (Short Sword), and the Tanto (knife) - Which are all included in the auction. 

This is a set of display sword, done in mild carbon steel, with semi blunt edges. They feature bound grips and wooden handles. 

This set also includes a three tier, table display sword stand. 

Makes a great gift!

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  • Weight Sheathed: 955g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 710g
  • Total Length Sheathed: 1005mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 940mm
  • Blade Length: 680mm
  • Hilt Length: 255mm


  • Weight Sheathed: 785g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 600g
  • Total Length Sheathed: 800mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 715mm
  • Blade Length: 485mm
  • Hilt Length: 225mm

  • - TANTO -

  • Weight Sheathed: 595g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 455g
  • Total Length Sheathed: 545mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 465mm
  • Blade Length: 290mm
  • Hilt Length: 175mm
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