Red Oak Wakizashi Bokken

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  • Red Oak Wakizashi Bokken
  • Red Oak Wakizashi Bokken
  • Red Oak Wakizashi Bokken


Genuine Oak Wakizashi Bokken.

“Bokken” is the name given to the traditional wooden training sword of the Samurai.

Oak timber is very strong. Unlike cheaper bokken the timber will last a very long time and can be put through strenuous everyday use.

Each piece is unique, hand cut, the grain characteristics will differ in each piece.

Whether you are a Bushido master, or a backyard enthusiast these bokken make for great safe training. A great way to practice and strengthen while having fun.

We offer a range of sizes and colors for both adults and kids.

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- Medium-sized

  • Length - 800mm
  • Blade – 570mm
  • Handle – 230mm
  • Sori – 50mm
  • Weight - 600g
  • POB - 140

- Small-sized

  • Length - 600mm
  • Blade – 450mm
  • Handle – 150mm
  • Sori – 3mm
  • Weight - 420g
  • POB - 120

This is a hand-made product, specifications may vary.

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