Renaissance wax/polish - 3L

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By appointment to her Majesty the Queen.
For over forty years, Renaissance Wax has been the #1 choice of museums for the preservation of precious items including swords and other edged weapons. Professional conservators throughout the world depend on Renaissance Wax to protect their collections. Properly applied, a little goes a long way.

Can also be used on:

- Steel knives, swords, armour and other steel furnishings.

- Wood such as furniture and carvings, the wax delicately enhances grain and 'flame' patterns in the wood, even instruments like cellos, violins, etc.

- Non-Ferrous metals like bronze and brass fittings, handles, etc.

- Paper like kites and model aeroplanes as waterproofing and reduces drag on model boats.

- Leather of all kinds, shoes, upholstery and clothing without spoiling colour.

- Marble and stone items.

- Plastics and rubber seals.

Also comes in a 65ml and 200ml container.

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