Rescuer II

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Rescuer II

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PLEASE NOTE: This knife has a small amount of tarnish on the metal belt clip. 
This knife was a special order for Russian Emergency Response Team (EMERCOM).

The knife has a few nice features as serrated blade on top, strong blade, drop point design. Also this model has a very special sheath with removable belt loop and pocket (boot) clip. The knife can be carried on the belt vertically or horizontally and also in a pocket or as a boot knife.

In 2009 Rescure-1 (the first model of the Rescuers) was reviewed in Tactical knives magazine.

Made by Rosarms of Russia.

Made in Russia, in the famous city of Zlatoust. Renowned for its metallurgy prowess, iron smelters and arms factories since late Medieval times.

Premium quality knife from Rosarms of Russia. Suitable for rugged use. Great edge retention and very sharp.

Tempered to a tough 58 HRC. Forged and hand-finished. Rosarms use Russian steel 110x18M. Developed for the use in aero-space applications, such as jet engines, and space craft. A very high carbon, stainless steel. Enriched with Titanium and Molybdenum ensuring superior strength.

Rosarms not only make knives for the public sector. They developed and made the knives for the Russian Emergency Response Team (EMERCOM). And you too can purchase the same models as the EMERCOM versions. See models 'Rescuer I' and 'Rescuer II'.
  • Overall lenght: 11"
  • Blade length: 6"
  • Blade thickness: 3/16"
  • Steel: 110x18
  • Handle: Leather
  • Steel: 110x18
  • Handle: Leather
  • Guard/Cap: Aluminum