Roman Spatha - Hispaniesis

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The “Spatha” as it is known was the successor to the Gladius. A longer sword. Though probably not completely replacing the Gladius. It has its use with other Roman infantry variations, including Roman cavalry. It also bridged the gap, leading into history’s longer Viking/ Dark age swords styles.

This Hispaniesis profile Spatha is hand crafted from spring steel. Featuring a fully sharpened, functional, ridged, fullered blade. The hilt is made from wood and brass components. Complemented with a wooden bound scabbard, fitted with hanging eyes. A fantastic traditional sword.

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  • Sheathed length - 870mm
  • Drawn length - 828mm
  • Blade length – 638mm
  • Handle with Guard – 190mm
  • Cross guard widt -mm
  • Sheathed weight - 1.25kg
  • Drawn weight - 1kg
  • POB - 145mm
  • POP - 470mm


  • Blade Material - 1075 Spring Steel
  • Tang - Full flat tang with threaded tip/
  • Edge - Fully Sharpened
  • Guard - Timber/ with brass collar
  • Pommel - Timber, with brass nut
  • Handle - Timber
  • Sheath - Timber w/ faux leather trim

  • As this is a handmade product, individual specifications may vary.
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