Shirasaya Katana / Wood Finish

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  • Shirasaya Katana / Wood Finish
  • Shirasaya Katana / Wood Finish
  • Shirasaya Katana / Wood Finish


The "Shirasaya" is a traditional sword of Japan. Essentially it is actually more a "case" that a sword. Its purpose is to hold the blade and keep it safe from the elements, if it did not have full traditional fittings, hand-guard, bindings etc. It can still function as a sword to some degree, though not suited to heavy cutting practice and extended use, due to minimal fit out. 

Many old and modern blades are sold as shirasaya. Much of the appeal is its minimalist sleek look. A cool "sword" indeed!, and definitely a fav' here at Superior Swords. 

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  • Razor Sharp, Handmade Blade. Correctly tempered by Artisan Smiths.
  • Full thickness blade, with traditional Japanese style polish.
  • High Gloss lacquered Wood Grain Finished Sheath and handle.
  • Curved Katana blade, mounted in sleek near seamless traditional 'Shirasaya' style.

  • --- Also Available in Black Lacquer Finish


  • Sheathed Length- 1035mm
  • Drawn Length- 1025mm
  • Blade Length- 725mm
  • Hilt Length- 280mm
  • Sheathed Weight- 1190g
  • Drawn Weight- 990g


  • Blade – 1045AISI
  • Construction – Mono Tempered
  • Hamon – Etched
  • Tang – Full, Double Pegged
  • Tuska – Timber natural finish, clear lacquer
  • Saya – Timber natural finish, clear lacquer

  • Includes black cotton sword bag.

    Stands sold separately.

    As this is a handmade product, individual specifications may vary.

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