Silver Dragon Daisho Set

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This listing includes;

1x Silver Dragon Katana
1x Silver Dragon Wakizashi
1x Silver Dragon Tanto
1x Triple Tier Stand

The Japanese term Daisho denotes a set of swords, e.g. Katana (Long Sword), Wakizashi (Short Sword), and the Tanto (knife).

This set of display swords, is made from mild carbon steel, with semi blunt edges. Embellished with ornate dragon fittings.

Hanya mask not included*



  • Weight Sheathed: 1335g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 1010g
  • Total Length Sheathed: 1060mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 970mm
  • Blade Length: 680mm
  • Hilt Length: 290mm


  • Weight Sheathed: 1145g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 860g
  • Total Length Sheathed: 835mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 735mm
  • Blade Length: 490mm
  • Hilt Length: 260mm

  • - TANTO -

  • Weight Sheathed: 895g
  • Weight Unsheathed: 665g
  • Total Length Sheathed: 595mm
  • Total Length Unsheathed: 495mm
  • Blade Length: 285mm
  • Hilt Length: 205mm