Yanmao Dao

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  • Yanmao Dao

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The 'Yanmao Dao' which translates to the 'Goosequill Saber', dates to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The 'Dao' style sword is referred to as "The General of all Weapons" and is one of the four major weapons use in Chinese martial arts. The Yanmao Dao has a slimmer and straighter blade compared to is common 'Ox Tail Dao' counterparts, and curves around to the tip at from the center of percussion. This profile allows for similar handling to the Jian, while still preserving much of the Dao's cutting power.

Our Yanmao Dao, has a beautifully hand-made thick carbon steel blade with multiple fullers. The antiqued fittings on both the scabbard and the hilt are in perfect compliment with the natural wooden finsih. A great sword for the serious kung fu practitioner and sword enthusiast. - Includes brocade display case.

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  • Overall Length - 920mm
  • Sword Length - 880mm
  • Blade Length - 700mm
  • Hilt Length - 180mm
  • Blade Width - 36mm
  • Overall Weight - 1675g
  • Sword Weight - 1070g
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