Yorozu Series - Great Wave XI Katana

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Yorozu Series 2018 – Great Wave XI Katana

Our Yorozu Series Katana from Superior Steel are the best economical cutting swords we offer. Handmade by artisan blacksmiths, using quality high carbon steel. They offer a very rigid and stiff blade on par with Japanese Military Katana.

There are no grooves in our Yorozu Series blades, thus maximum blade strength is retained. This traditional groove-less “shinogi-zukuri” profile offers less drag when target cutting. A perfect economical cutting sword able to slice through bamboo with ease. 


  • Razor Sharp, handmade blade. Correctly tempered by artisan smiths.
  • Features a full thickness weighted blade.
  • Japanese style polish, with etched hammon.
  • Thick solid brass handgard with dragon design. Brass handle fittings with wave motif.
  • Wooden handle with genuine black stingray skin. Bound in authentic leather braid.
  • Solid wood sheath done in high gloss black lacquer.
  • Medium Duty, Suitable for the backyard tamishigiri practitioner.
  • Can be Dissembled & Assembled.


  • Sheathed Length- 1050mm
  • Drawn Length- 1020mm
  • Blade with Habaki – 720mm
  • Handle with Guard – 300mm
  • Sori – 20mm
  • Sheathed Weight- 1.58kg
  • Drawn Weight- 1.26kg
  • POB - 125mm


  • Blade – 1095 ANSI
  • Construction – Mono Tempered
  • Hamon – Etched
  • Tang – Full Double Pegged
  • Koshirae, Tsuba & Saya:
  • Tsuba – Brass
  • Fuchi & Kashira - Brass
  • Menuki - Brass
  • Tsuka-ito - Leather
  • Tuska – Timber with real Black Rayskin
  • Saya – Wood, High Gloss Blue Lacquer

  • Includes black cotton sword bag.

    Stands sold separately.

    Bonzai not included.

    As this is a handmade product, individual specifications may vary.