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About Us

Superior Swords Ltd is a premier dealership of high quality, real handmade historical swords, knives and armour. Practically designed and inspired by timeless tradition, our dynamic range of products appeal to both the martial artist and the collector. We hold many licenses to some of the most famous manufacturers and product lines in the world. Founded in 2005 we have a proven service history, priding ourselves on outstanding customer service. Supplying both Eastern and Western martial arts communities, theatre, cosplay, re-enactment groups, schools, as well as the film and production industries.



Superior Swords Ltd


The Collector and Martial Artist

Superior Swords Ltd's own custom lines offer quality & uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

We offer a vast array of real Katana, many of which are being used in Dojos around the world. 

Our large range of full contact combat European martial arts gear is unparalleled, and our practical weaponry such as CAS Hanwei's are designed for heavy contact use.

All of our Tai Chi, Kung fu & Iaido swords are made for the dedicated martial artist, they are well balanced and come in a range of different lengths and weights.

Forged form high carbon steels, our European swords, often based on actual pieces of a bygone era.


Film and Television

We have been involved in many high budget film and television productions. We can meet the need for literally hundreds of swords delivered on time to meet strict deadlines.


Wholesale and Distribution

If you have a shop and would like to stock our products let us know. We will provide fast and effective service, at great prices.


See our products in,

Legend Of the Seeker


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II

Shannara Chronicles

And many other productions.


You can also fined us on trademe under alias " masterofblades "