Renaissance Wax Care Instructions

Renaissance Wax Care Instructions - Steel


1) Get the steel area nice and clean. You will need to strip off all oil, grease, residue & contaminants etc. The easiest way is to use methylated spirits, turpentine or general cleaners applied with a cloth (like an old T-shirt rag) or paper towels.

2) Optional - At this point you could give the steel a hand buff with a product like “AutoSol” to get it nice and shiny. (We sell this, Code: AUTO75). – Not recommended if your item has a special style of polish or patina. You will the need to repeat step 1 following this.

3) Once clean and residue free. Go over it with a fresh clean rag or paper towels for one last time for a spot check.

4) With a clean cloth, or paper towels, apply some Renaissance Wax to it and buff it into the steel. Get a decent amount on the steel, you want it to look a bit streaky. It dries very fast, in a few minutes. You do not want lumps of wax left on the steel, just streaks.

-          Then repeat this to get a second layer, still letting it streak, and then dry.

-          If you are super keen you could do this a third time, building up a thicker layer.

5) With a soft cloth or paper towels, lightly applying pressure you can now gently buff the streaks away. – Done!

When the item is stored in a nice dry place, the wax will protect the steel for up to a year, sometimes longer. Its ok to touch/handle the steel with your fingers or gently dust it, and not have to re-wax it. Over handling, rubbing or scratching the steel may remove the micro protectant layer. You will need to re-apply the wax if this happens.