"Pointy Points" Loyalty Rewards

Collect points on every dollar you spend with our rewards program “Pointy Points”. 

You will receive 5% back on all dollars spent in the form of store credit.

Cash them in for a coupon online or in store when you are ready.

They do not expire so you can save them up if you choose. 


You can also collect points in other ways. Such as becoming a member, liking us on facebook or through reviews and referrals.

As per our terms and conditions it is strictly one account per individual. 


Register at www.superiorswords.com using,

- The checkout system while you are placing an order.

- The top right account register.

- The bottom right pointy points account register.

They all link to the same account system. Once completed you points account will be automatically created.

Once registered click on the "Pointy Points Loyalty Rewards" tab (bottom right) to open up and view you points status. 

Once you have enough points and want to spend them. Using the "Pointy Points Loyalty Rewards" tab, create a discount coupon. Right click the code, select copy. Paste the code in the promo box at the checkout to revive your discount.

Any questions please ~ Contact Us ~