*Pointy Points*

Pointy Points Loyalty Rewards

What is “Pointy Points”?

Pointy Points is our loyalty rewards program.

What do they do?

You can redeem them in the form of store credit. For a discount on your order.

How do I get them?

They are accumulated for every dollar you spend.

You can also collect points in other ways. Such as becoming a member, liking us on facebook or through reviews and referrals.

What else should I know?

They do not expire so you can save them up if you choose.

At this stage they cannot be used for the freight portion of the order. Only for the goods portion of the order. We are working with developers to change this.

As per our terms and conditions it is strictly one account per individual.


How to spend your Pointy Points.

Step 1)

First register an account at www.superiorswords.com using either method below. If you have already registered you can skip to step 2.

- The checkout system while you are placing an order.

- The top right account register.

- The bottom right pointy points account register.

They all link to the same account system. Once either of the above has been completed your Pointy Points account will be automatically created.

Step 2)

Once registered and logged in. Click on the "Pointy Points Loyalty Rewards" tab (bottom right of screen) to open it up and view your points status.

Once you have enough points and want to spend them. Using the "Pointy Points Loyalty Rewards" tab, clink on “Ways to redeem”. Then click on the specific dollar amount you would like to use. Then click “Apply code”. This will automatic apply your discount to your order.

If you get stuck or have any questions please ~ Contact Us ~

For further terms and conditions of our rewards program see ~ Terms & Conditions ~