If we all want to keep enjoying the weaponry we have all grown to love we must abide to some safety guidelines!

Make sure you always insure the safety of yourself and others in regards to weaponry. When welding any of these weapons always keep in mind others around you or the possibility of others entering the space around you. Also consider the possibility of a weapon loosening from ones grip and becoming a potential projectile. Sharp weaponry can easily cut, wound and even kill, and even blunt weaponry can be hazardous in much the same way. Swords and the like are not toys!

When hanging, mounting and displaying your weaponry take into consideration children and the access they have to these items. Make sure your weaponry is well out of  reach of children and is safely and correctly mounted. If you are unsure how to safely hang weapons on plaques or hooks feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to lend our advice. 

Full contact combat as well as training and tameshigiri practice should only be preformed under the supervision of a trainer, teacher or master, and at least one medical practitioner or person with nationally recognized medical training. These exercises are only advisable if you strictly comply to the rules of combat outlined by your national reenactment or martial association. 

‘Superior Swords Limited’ its owners, employees, suppliers, dealers and contractors accept no liability for accident, injury or death resulting from the misuse of any of these items sold by us directly or indirectly.

~ Play Safe ~