* Can I order from New Zealand?

Yes we are based in Auckland. We ship everyday, up and down the country. 

* Can I order from Australia? 

Yes we ship to Australia. Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia & Tasmania, accept our products. They will get through customs hassle free, with no permit paper work.  
- Note that ACT and Victoria may need permits. 

*Can I order from overseas?

We have currently suspended all shipping outside of NZ and AU. If you are interested in purchasing from outside of these zones please contact us for a quote. We can then send you a PayPal invoice. 

* Are both domains Superior Swords Ltd? 

Yes, www.superiorswords.co.nz & www.superiorswords.com are the same company. Our .co.nz currently redirects to our .com 

* What currency is your site in?

We accept most major currencies. Our base currency is in NZD (New Zealand Dollars). You can choose your preferred currency from the drop down bar at the top of the page and our prices will be converted.

*How long does shipping take?

New Zealand orders have a transit time of around 1-3 work days.

International orders are approximately around 2-10 working days depending on the service you have chosen. 

* Are your swords functional real swords? 

Most of our swords have been manufactured during present day times with the exception of some genuine antiques. And many of our swords are manufactured using ancient techniques, with some aid from modern technology. These methods produce high quality products at affordable prices. The range of functionality is vast. From light weight fan/collectors display swords, to high carbon steel hand-forged "real" heirloom quality swords, akin to that the originals. We hope our product descriptions are sufficient. If you are unsure what you are looking at feel free to ask. 

*Can I cut down trees and braches with my sword?

In contrary to what you may have seen in movies and on T.V. no sword is designed for chopping trees, blocks or walls etc. If you were to use your sword for such purposes you will damage the steel, the fittings will wear and your sword will eventually break. Also if your sword has a warranty it will be void.

*What is the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel?

Most of our swords are made from carbon steel this is the more traditional type of steel. Some are made from stainless. Carbon steel is a lot stronger than stainless. However it needs to be constantly maintained and cared for. Where as stainless steel is generally a lot more shiny than carbon steel and requires virtually no maintenance.

*Do you have a shop, can I view your products?

We have a showroom with thousands of products in stock. You are welcome to view products at prior arrangement.

*Can I use your armor and swords for reenactment purposes?

Some of our armor and swords are made with reenactment in mined, where as other pieces are designed for the collector or general weaponry enthusiast. It is best to contact your trainer, guild or association to get the best advice about the mandatory requirements for your gear.

*Is this sword suitable for Tameshigiri?

We recommend a differentially tempered 1060 carbon steel sword or higher grade for the professional tameshigiri practitioner. However our 1045 range can still be used but will wear much faster.

*Are any of your items illegal?

All of our products imported and sold on this website comply with the New Zealand Law and New Zealand customs regulations. However, this is not to say that these items are legal overseas. If you are an overseas customer and are unsure please ask first.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us via our 'Contact Us' page. Happy shopping!