*** PLEASE NOTE: There are freight delays due to the lock downs and the general impact Covid-19.

For standard orders we are almost back to our dispatch facilities normal dispatch time frames.

We are still running a bit behind on orders where there are fabrication/ customization lead times. By about an additional 7-10 days.

There are also some delays with some pre-orders, though we are working through these and they will be dispatched soon if they have not been already. There are literally container ships sitting in the harbor in a sea traffic jam. Due to the lockdowns. Other container ships are now understandably delaying coming to Auckland, not wanting to join the queue and sit idle.

The national courier networks are still at full capacity. CourierPost are periodically skipping collections and holding off collecting bigger parcels, larger than A4/ foolscap size, from our dispatch, causing transit delays. This is not specific to us, this is part of their strategy to help clear their centers and deliver more parcels. - They are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. 

Further to the national couriers. We have noticed they are no longer scanning goods upon collection from us. Opting for a quicker local area pick up and return to base approach. This means there are no "pick up" updates for the tracking. The goods are unloaded in to holding warehouses. Where they wait until they are put on the processing line. It is at that point that they get their first scan. We are seeing 10 days + before items get their first scan in Auckland. 

These shipping updates supersede our standard shipping time frames.

Expect significant delays.

In 16 years of business, we have never experienced delays quite like this. We kindly ask that you have some faith in and trust in us. We will get your your awesome products to you as soon as possible. So just relax, don’t stress about it and focus on what is important. You can leave it with us. We are working hard on what parts we can control. 

* So just to be clear - we are open, and are working / dispatching all orders.

FYI: If you are thinking of online shopping for Christmas. We suggest you begin a month earlier than you usually would. Or even now..

Thank you for your patience and support. 

Stay Safe!

Superior Swords Team


Posted 14/10/21

Further to the above. Our small parcels are being collected periodically. Our larger parcels are not. We have another lot starting to pile up since Monday 11th October. The courier networks will eventually ease. We are doing everything we can on our side.