Sharpening Stone - 250/800

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SPARTAN Whetstone blade sharpener

>> A stone grade for hard working/ worn tools and blades, e.g. axes, machete.

Great for removing chips, nicks, dents & heavy dulling. Quick removal of material, re-shaping, profiling, and for fast re-sharpening of chopping edges.

- Suitable for both Domestic and Commercial use
- Quality built - Made from “White Corundum” the same mineral that forms Rubies and Sapphires.
- Purpose built, with specific double-sided multi-grit stone.
- Can be used as an oil or water stone.

* Stone 250 x 800 grit. 
* Rubber slip mat. 
* Instructions how to sharpen kitchen knives. 


  • SIZE – 180mm x 60mm x 29mm
  • WEIGHT – 630g