Sai - Steel & Chrome

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  • Steel, Chrome, Sai, martial, arts, karate, japan, weapon,
  • Steel, Chrome, Sai, martial, arts, karate, japan, weapon,


The sai have a mixed origins and form. Found throughout many countries including Japan, China, India and South Asia. Their roots appear to be wide spread, derived from both design and necessity. Drawing from influences and the vajra, tomoe swastika, as well as crop planting and farming implements and tools. There were adopted by rebel and underground clans such as the ninja, when civilians were not allowed to carry swords. As well as by medieval Japanese police for crowd control and more formal schools of martial arts training.

Sold as a pair.

Here we have perhaps the most iconic sai design with is trident like shape. These are solid sai sold as a pair with carry case. They will hold up and go the distance in a martial arts training environment.

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  • Drawn length - 480mm
  • Blade length – 325mm
  • Handle with Guard – 155mm
  • Sheathed weight (2 Sai) - 1.4kg
  • Drawn weight (1 Sai) - 660g


  • Blade – Chrome plated steel
  • Handle - Faux leather grip
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