Taiyo Katana - Coloured Damascus

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  • Taiyo, Katana, Coloured, Damascus,
  • Taiyo, Katana, Coloured, Damascus,
  • Taiyo, Katana, Coloured, Damascus,
  • Taiyo, Katana, Coloured, Damascus,
  • Taiyo, Katana, Coloured, Damascus,
  • Taiyo Katana - Coloured Damascus
  • Taiyo Katana - Coloured Damascus


The blade is forged, hammered and folded 'Pattern Welded Steel'. Commonly known as 'Damascus Steel' as the final product is very similar to the steel mined from the Damascus mines of a bygone era. It is produced from combining steels of different grades. They are twisted and folded together, resulting in beautiful swirls and grain patterns. The final polishing, sharpening and treatment of the blades bring out these patterns to their full stunning glory.

Our artisan smiths are very talented indeed. With specialized blade smithing techniques, using their vast experience and knowledge they have combined special elements with the various layers of damascus steel. Upon the final blade treatment, the steel grain rather than finishing to different shades of grey, turns different shades of blacks, oranges, & reds. A sight to behold!

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Razor sharp blade, forged by artisan smiths.
Unique, combination carbon steel colored blades
Featuring "Bo-Hi" commonly known as "Blood Groove".
Featuring traditional handguard in "sunburst" design.
Traditional handle fittings in minimalist design.
Timber handle with genuine stingray skin. Bound with dragon "menuki" handle ornaments.
Solid wood sheath finished in high gloss, deep black lacquer.
Can be Dissembled & Assembled.


  • Sheathed length - 1050mm
  • Drawn length - 1010mm
  • Blade with Habaki – 730mm
  • Handle with Guard – 290mm
  • Sheathed weight - 1200g
  • Drawn weight - 1000g
  • POB (From Hand Guard) - 155mm


  • Blade – Coloured Damascus Steel
  • Construction – Mono Tempered
  • Hamon – Nil
  • Tang – Full Double Pegged
  • Koshirae, Tsuba & Saya:
  • Tsuba – Brass
  • Fuchi & Kashira - Alloy
  • Menuki - Brass
  • Tsuka-ito - Faux silk
  • Tuska – Timber with real Rayskin
  • Saya – Wood, High-gloss red lacquer

  • Includes black cotton sword bag.

    Stands sold separately.

    As this is a handmade product, individual specifications may vary.
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