Training Wakizashi

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DD-J-017 + DD-SY-10-S


Made from polypropylene. Tough, rigid and durable. Non-sharpened. Suitable for martial arts training, film props etc.

An alternative to "Wakizashi Bokken - DD-J-016";

The "Training Wakizashi - DD-J-017" is more akin to a real steel wakizashi, Thinner than the "Wakizashi Bokken - DD-J-016. It will bend easier and is lighter. 


One Saya option,

Standard Polypropylene - DD-SY-20-S


Optional saya/ scabbard.

Some advantages over wooden training gear are,

Durability - Won’t split, rot or splinter. Made Tough. Great longevity.

Quality - A finely made product. No knots or imperfections like in timber.

Usability - Slightly less dense than timber. Body contact will hurt less, and less likelihood of injury.

For individual saya;

DD-SY-20-S Wakizashi Bokken Saya

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  • Total Length: 615mm
  • Blade Length: 425mm
  • Hilt Length: 190mm
  • Guard Diameter: 85mm
  • Total Weight: 300g
  • Total Length: 730mm
  • Total Weight: 370g
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