Hard - 'ABS' Saya

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Made from ABS polymer plastic. Matches our polypropylene katana. Suitable for martial arts training, film props etc.

This is the hard saya version, ABS Saya. Differing from the Polypropylene Saya. ABS is harder. It wont take being crushed as well as the polypropylene, but will hold its shape better. 

It also comes with decorated "Koiguchi" saya mouth, and "Kojiri" saya tip. 


Some advantages over wooden training gear are,

Durability - Won’t split, rot or splinter. Made Tough. Great longevity.

Quality - A finely made product. No knots or imperfections like in timber.

Usability - Slightly less dense than timber. Body contact will hurt less, and less likelihood of injury.



DD-J-013 - Katana Bokken

DD-J-014 - Training Katana

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