Steel Kwan Dao

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  • chinese, polearm, dragon, heavy, kwan, dao
  • Steel Kwan Dao
  • Steel Kwan Dao
  • Steel Kwan Dao

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The Kwan Dao is the name for the traditional Chinese polearm. They come in a number of shapes and sized and range from light weight to heavy construction. Here we have a very heavy version weighing in at almost 7kg!

This item has a stainless steel blade for ease of maintenance. Highly decorated in elaborate ornate dragon motif. Complete with tassel and stand.

Built on a steel haft the actual polearm breaks down into three pieces. Well engineered it mounts together with precision, unlike cheaper models. 

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  • Overall length - 1990mm
  • Handle length - 1310mm
  • Blade length - 550mm
  • Blade width - 175mm
  • POB - 290mm
  • Weight - 6800g
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